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  LPU-2 Foaming Machin  

I. Suitable: It is used for the foaming of the rebound elastic materials, PU self-skin and hard materials.
II. Application: Motorbike seat, pillow, steering wheel, handle, body-building equipment, medical machine, board, pipe of solar water heater and the filling stuff for security door.
III. Characteristics
a. The mixed head is light. Its structure is endurable which can discharge at same time and the mixing is evenly. The spray nozzle won¨t be clogged up with long service and precision valve.
b. It is controlled by the computer with automatic cleaning function. It can time accurately.
c. The measuring system adopts high-precision measuring pump which is both accurate and endurable.
d. The charging bucket is three layers structure with stainless steel inner wall. There are 60L, 100L, 220L, 350L and 600L different types available. The discharging volume is different as the different types, the min volume is 0.5L/min and the max is 320L/min. We can select the right one base on your products.

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