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  Ring Thermal-molding Production Line  
    The line is composed of drying channel, ring convey line, electrical control cabinet and mould cooling fan. Every 1.8 meters makes one unit for both drying channel and the convey
track. The actual length will be determined after review the install site, together with the rotating table on both sides. The drying channel and convey track can be disassembled without any destroying. The inner and outside wall of drying channel is made of galvanizing steel board and the cross-section is rectangle shape, and the wall is filled with aluminum silicate fiber. There is no heating channel and the temperature is well kept. The drying channel is heated by the far IR electrical heating pipe and all the wirings are outside the channel, so it is not necessary to enter the channel when wiring change is needed. The trolley speed can be adjusted stepless. The temperature of drying channel is controlled by three individual periods. The temperature can be controlled between 60≧ and 200≧ and the trolley speed can be adjusted stepless between 0.4m/min to 4m/min.
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